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After a ten year career in pharmaceutical sales I got a calling to do something else and the path of opportunity led me into the field of gift and decorative accessories. A dramatic change of venue. In the spring of 1973 I left Merck behind and secured a line package by shopping "rep wanted" ads in Gift and Decorative Accessories. I took the package and hit the trail. That trail being the state of Michigan. I had also taken a showroom at the Gateway Building in downtown Detroit. By the fall of 1973 things were coming together and I took on a package of lines out of Indiana. One of those lines was Carson Casting, known these days as Carson Industries.

Carson then was a line of castings in aluminum of replicas of Early American Dinnerware, Mugs, Goblets, Candle Sticks and accessories. Harry Carson Sr. was the founder and at that time he was still selling his castings out of the trunk of his car. He was an innovative man with a vision. He began hiring reps and the good Lord put me in the right place at the right time. Myself and his other reps grew that line. Harry went off the road selling from the trunk and built his business facilities in Freeport, Pennsylvania. Harry passed away about eight years ago. They are now in their third generation of family leadership and going strong. Alger Sales has been fortunate enough to have done the job for Carson all these years and as of now in this year of 2020 we are still repping Carson. Seldom does a rep group enjoy a working relationship with a company after 47 years.

Alger Sales has been fortunate and Blessed over the years to have been associated with outstanding manufacturers and importers. We have built long lasting friendships with many of those people. But most of all we treasure our relationships and friendships with you, our customer.

The old saying about the turtle who was balancing on top of a fence post didn't get there by himself. Someone helped him. That holds true for Alger Sales. Someone helped us along the way and we thank you for that.

May God Bless all of you as you journey through life and your business opportunities.

Dave Alger


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